Is San Francisco 49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo a top-10 quarterback?

While the Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes, named the league MVP a year ago, has already cemented himself as one of the NFL's best quarterbacks, Jimmy Garoppolo is still trying to make his mark.

The San Francisco 49ers signal-caller has certainly had a successful 2019, his first full (and healthy) season as a starter. In fact, he was the only QB to rank among the top five in completion percentage (69.1), pass yards per attempt (8.4) and passing TDs (27) during the regular season. Garoppolo also threw for nearly 4,000 yards and had a 102.0 rating while helping the 49ers to 13 wins and the NFC West title. However, Garoppolo had 18 total giveaways during the season (tied for eighth most), has attempted just 27 passes this postseason, and his two lowest pass yards totals as a starter have come in his last two games (131 pass yards in Divisional Round; 77 pass yards in the NFC Championship Game).

After weighing what he's done this season, one question comes to mind: Is Jimmy G a top-10 quarterback?

I would definitely say Jimmy G is a top-15 quarterback, but I'm not quite convinced he belongs in the top 10. He fits perfectly in Kyle Shanahan's offense and has played well, so there's a possibility that he climbs the QB ranks as early as next season. Right now, he is strictly going through his progressions but doesn't yet have a great understanding of what the defense is doing. He must improve in this area and others to cement his place among the best in the game. Jimmy Garoppolo has certainly taken advantage of what he's been given. In New England, he embraced learning behind Tom Brady. Now in San Francisco, he's maturing by taking a backseat to the dominant rushing attack and defense. Give him two or three seasons with this setup and Jimmy G could be a top-10 quarterback. Quarterback rankings are often based on win-loss records, so under that measurement, Jimmy Garoppolo is absolutely in the top 10. As a starter, he has a 23-5 record (including playoffs) for his career and has helped San Francisco reach the Super Bowl in his first fully healthy season as a Niner. He is a great leader and gives his team a chance in every game. Uh ... no. Jimmy Garoppolo is definitely not a top-10 quarterback. To be frank, you could argue that he's not even in the top 20 at the position. Sure, he has a winning record, but I haven't seen him do anything that convinces me the 49ers can't win with another guy under center. Until he proves that he is the guy who can elevate his unit, I'm out on Jimmy G as one of the top-10 QBs. Oooh ... he's close, but I wouldn't put him in the top 10 at this point. This is the first full season he's played as a starter; there are plenty of QBs I'd rank above him because they have played great football consistently over time. I know someone is going to bring up the fact that Lamar Jackson, who I do rank above Garoppolo, has also played only one full season. Well, when you're the likely choice for league MVP, you abide by some different rules. Jimmy Garoppolo has been a top-10 quarterback in spurts this season, but he's not consistent enough yet. The main reasons he's playing in Super Bowl LIV are the 49ers' relentless defense and the dynamic running game. Do I think Garoppolo could be a top-10 player? Yes. But I'd like to see him lead his unit more frequently instead of being just a piece to the puzzle. I'm gonna be honest with you (I mean, I'm always honest anyway), but Jimmy's not a top-10 quarterback. Not even close. That's not to say that he can't be a top QB one day, but he's not as of February 1, 2020. Jimmy Garoppolo is a system quarterback. In the right system -- like Kyle Shanahan's, which fits him perfectly -- Garoppolo will have success. If he's expected to shoulder the load, he'll compete but won't get the job done on a regular basis. Quarterbacks who hold spots in the top 10 can consistently lead their teams to wins with their play alone. Think Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson.

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