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Jaguars, Patriots, Vikings, Eagles: Which team has brightest future?

Championship Sunday will showcase four teams on an enticing two-game platter: Jaguars at Patriots and Vikings at Eagles. While all of the squads have enjoyed great success this season, one clearly stands out over time. New England has won five Super Bowls, while the other three franchises are still searching for a first Lombardi Trophy. But what can we expect to transpire in the years to come?

Looking forward with the current rosters, which Championship Sunday team has the brightest future?

The Eagles have all of the pieces needed to be in this position for a long time. With Carson Wentz under center behind a talented offensive line and a solid play-caller in Doug Pederson, the offense is poised to be one of the best in years to come. Pairing that with a defense which gets after the quarterback, the Eagles are primed to consistently compete for division and conference titles. Two teams stand out to me: the Jaguars and Eagles. If the Jags can get a consistent quarterback, they should have a lot of success. We've seen the force rookie Leonard Fournette can be in the run game, and the defense is stacked with talent on every level. This team could have a BEAMING future with this roster.

The fact that the Eagles have continued to compete and make the NFC Championship Game shows just how balanced they are. If Carson Wentz comes back healthy and can get back to 2017 form, Philly could be a perennial playoff team. The first stories about the end of the Patriots dynasty surfaced early in 2010 after a desultory blowout playoff loss to the Ravens that had Tom Brady walking off the field in Foxborough with more than a hint of boos coming from the crowd.

Since then, they've reached an unprecedented seven straight AFC title games, won two Super Bowls and reset what's possible for an organization to achieve in the modern NFL. I don't know how they will achieve continued success with Brady at 40 years old, but I've stopped doubting Bill Belichick as a rule. If nothing else, an immediate future filled with wistfully remembering the longest run of dominance in NFL history is bright enough. The Eagles will battle with the Cowboys for the NFC East for years to come. This team has been without its MVP-candidate quarterback (Carson Wentz) and advanced deeper in the playoffs than anyone outside the facility thought possible. With a healthy Wentz, Philadelphia will compete every year in January.

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