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Seahawks' backfield has another Skittles fan

A few things stand out about new Seattle Seahawks running back Robert Turbin. The first: He likes to bring out the gun show. Imagine trying to tackle that.

No. 2 on the list: He's going to fit right in with Marshawn Lynch in the Seahawks' backfield. The two men share Bay Area roots, they have both recovered from serious knee injuries, and they both love Skittles.

"That's my favorite candy," Turbin said on 710 ESPN in Seattle earlier this week.

(Note to Skittles: Send an extra box of the stuff to Seattle for games this year).

Turbin, a fourth-round draft pick out of Utah State, will add a different element to the Seahawks' backfield this year. He's a thumper who might be even more physical than Lynch as a runner. Teams won't get to relax when Lynch comes out of the game. If anything, the Seahawks might use Turbin on the goal line to bludgeon opponents.

Turbin has been a fan of Lynch for a while.

"I watched him when he was at Cal and I was still in high school," Turbin said. "So I tried to take some of the things that he did when he was on the field because he's really good. I did that with a lot of backs."

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