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Seahawks add another QB, Russell Wilson, in NFL draft

NEW YORK -- It's not a surprise the Seattle Seahawks added another quarterback to the mix. Wisconsin's Russell Wilson fits right in with the team's strategy at the position: Throw it against the wall and see what sticks.

It is a surprise that Wilson went 75th overall, before Michigan State's Kirk Cousins was even drafted. We like the fact the Seahawks think differently.

Wilson is an incredible playmaker who probably would have been a first-round pick if it wasn't for his height. But Wilson is only 5-foot-11, and the history of successful quarterbacks under 6 feet is a short list. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, who isn't afraid to be unconventional, picked up Wilson to develop behind Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson.

"I've played in two pro-style offenses," Wilson said Friday, according to the Seahawks' official website. "At (N.C. State, where Wilson played before transferring), I was in the shotgun, West Coast-style of offense, which is what the Seahawks run, for the most part, in terms of terminology. Then, being at Wisconsin, I think that really helped me, because I was under center more, and the play-action game I think is something I definitely excel at. I think that's one of the strengths of my games and something I always work on."

The Seahawks also could use Wilson in some Wildcat packages. This is a move that eventually should bring some excitement to the Pacific Northwest.

In the meantime, Wilson's wife will be excited enough about the selection for the rest of us.

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