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Scout: Robert Griffin III has 'selfish streak'

Someone, somewhere was bound to find something negative to say about Robert Griffin III. The only surprise is that it took so long.

Take it away, unnamed scout:

"As much as is written about Griffin's athleticism, his athleticism under duress in the pocket isn't even close to Cam Newton's," the scout told Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "This guy, the only way he gets big plays with his feet is if he's got a wide-open field and the sea opens for him. He's got a little bit of a selfish streak, too. Everybody was laying on Cam, but for some reason this guy has become gloves off. He doesn't treat anybody good."

This is only one scout's opinion from the 19 polled in McGinn's annual must-read, although another scout questions how the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback deals with people.

Frankly, this smacks of a scout looking for something negative to see. Draft season usually gets ugly at some point, with everyone looking for flaws. Almost everyone who has met or dealt with Griffin universally praises his character and people skills. He seems as comfortable in his own skin and disciplined as any prospect we can remember.

Before we take any one scout's opinion too seriously, keep in mind that 16 of 24 scouts that McGinn polled last year preferred Blaine Gabbert to Cam Newton. Translation: No one knows anything.

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