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Scott Fujita 'willing to share everything' on bounties

Scott Fujita is standing his ground in the face of a three-game suspension for his role in the New Orleans Saints' "bounty" scandal.

The Cleveland Browns linebacker plans to appeal his punishment from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, telling The Associated Press on Tuesday: "My reputation is a lot more important to me than three game checks. My track record speaks for itself."

One of his Browns teammates, receiver Josh Cribbs, warned the NFL this month that Fujita is prepared for a fight and might have a surprise up his sleeve. "Hey @nfl, I wouldn't force @scottfujita99 to take the gloves off if I were you...'Sources' tell me he knows a little too much!!!" Cribbs tweeted.

"There will come a time when I'll be willing to share everything," Fujita told The AP on Tuesday.

Fujita maintains he contributed money for big plays in 2009, but never paid a cent to injure opponents. It's unclear what additional information he plans to furnish, but Fujita undoubtedly brings a unique perspective to the matter. Along with his firsthand knowledge of what went on inside the Saints' locker room, Fujita operates as a member of the NFL Players Association's Executive Council and Health and Safety Committee. He is a rare figure in that he understands both the culture the Saints defense embraced under Gregg Williams, along with what fueled the league's recent crusade for heightened player safety.

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