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Schwartzes first Jewish brothers in NFL since 1923

The history of famous Jewish sports heroes is not particularly long in professional football, but the Schwartz brothers are trying to change that one offensive lineman at a time.

Yes, Browns tackle Mitchell Schwartz and Vikings tackle Geoff Schwartzare the first Jewish brothers to play in the NFL since Ralph and Arnold Horween in 1923. Mitchell was a second round pick of the Browns that is expected to start right away. Geoff played four years with the Panthers before moving to Minnesota as a free agent.

Despite my last name and general neurosis, I've never actually been to service at a Temple. But I know enough about the religion to know that the holy days come on the weekend. That's not going to keep the Schwartzes off the field.

"In the football culture, it's hard to miss a game for religion-especially when people don't understand the religion," Geoff told

Along with Bears tackle Gabe Carimi, suddenly there are a lot of young Jewish offensive linemen in the league. Perhaps Hebrew schools will become the next big hot spot for college football recruiters.

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