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Schneider: Tannehill will be long gone at No. 12

The Seattle Seahawks made a big production of acquiring Matt Flynn in free agency to battle Tarvaris Jackson for starting quarterback duties, but they wouldn't shy away from adding another arm to the mix.

When Seahawks general manager John Schneider was asked about Texas A&M prospect Ryan Tannehill, his interest was clear:

"He's a really good player and he's got a great upside," Schneider told The News Tribune during a Thursday pre-draft press conference. "We would definitely consider him (at No. 12). Just because we've done these things, the guys know -- it's no disrespect to Tarvaris, or Matt or Josh (Portis) at all."

Schneider told reporters his quarterbacks are prepared for the team to draft a passer in the first or second round, if the right guy is there.

"It's fun to talk about, but I mean (Tannehill's) not going to be there," Schneider said. "You know, I think he's going to get drafted pretty high."

Fun to talk about in the pre-draft whirlwind, but less delightful for Flynn and Jackson, we'd imagine. 

Jackson is a tough, well-respected member of the offense, even if he doesn't scream "playoff run." Hence Flynn, who didn't sign his free-agent contract expecting Tannehill to the fly across the radar. The cupboard was bare at quarterback just a few months ago. We're potentially looking at a crowded house now, whether it's Tannehill or another young gun.

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