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Say hello to Brian McIntyre and Daniel Jeremiah

Monday was a big day here at Around the League. We've added our first bearded writer to the roster.

In case you didn't notice his 47 postsyesterday, Brian McIntyre of Mac's Football Blog joined the crew as a full-time ATL writer. 

I've been asked a lot over the years how to break into online sports writing. My advice is always to read a lot and start a blog. It's the only resume you need. Brian is a great example of that kind of dedication paying off. He worked harder on his free site than most paid writers do. He has a thorough knowledge of the league and gets a lot of inside contract information you can't find anywhere else. 

Bringing Mac aboard is only the start. We are working on improving ATL in a number of ways in the coming weeks while cranking out a ton of daily content. In the meantime, we appreciate all the support and the people that have started to bookmark the site.

While the welcome mat is out, we'd also like to congratulate for Daniel Jeremiah on his first day on He's a former scout with three teams (including the Eagles last year) that is already a must-read. Most football writers fake it. Jeremiah knows it, as his popular Twitter account if proof. The kid is going to become a star. (If it's allowed to call someone a "kid" when he has four children).

OK, enough self-congratulation for one morning. Time to find out if Jay Cutler said any more derogatory comments about his teammates.

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