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'Saturday Night Live' spoofs CBS blackout coverage

When the lights went out at the Superdome, "The NFL on CBS" coverage team was put in an unprecedented situation.

After hours of pregame coverage followed by an extended halftime show, 108 million viewers were suddenly tossed back to a CBS team left to navigate its way through a 34-minute game delay.

CBS struggled to fill the time, leading to heavy criticism. This became a natural target for "Saturday Night Live," which lampooned the moment during the cold open of their Saturday broadcast.

The high point here is Taran Killam, who portrays sideline reporter Steve Tasker as a man who would like nothing more than to be left alone by host James Brown.

"Well not much new to report, JB. The lights went out and now they're trying to get them back on. Some players are stretching, some are not. And as a favor I'd like to ask you not to come back to me because I have nothing to add. Back to you, JB."

(Yes, James Brown is portrayed by Kenan Thompson, the same guy who played Ray Lewis in that "Weekend Update" sketch two weeks ago.)

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