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'Saturday Night Live' sets its sights on Ray Lewis

If you made it through the first half of "Saturday Night Live" this weekend (no easy feat with the utterly overmatched Adam Levine hosting), you likely enjoyed a cameo by Baltimore Ravens star Ray Lewis.

Well, not quite. Lewis himself is busy these days, but the linebacker was portrayed by veteran "SNL" player Kenan Thompson, who was handed the difficult task of making a caricature of, well, a caricature.

Thompson did a nice job with it, playing Lewis as a hyper-emotional, squirrel-dancing messenger of God. Our favorite part comes at the end, when "Weekend Update" anchor Seth Meyers asks Lewis what will happen if the Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers next week.

"Seth ... if we win the Super Bowl ... I'm going to go to the 50-yard line of the Superdome ... kneel down ... and then I'm gonna ascend into heaven!"

We actually can picture this.

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