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Sapp would relish the chance to chase down Broncos QB Tebow

NFL Network's Warren Sapp visited "The Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday and laughed at the idea that Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow could have outplayed him back in the day.

"Listen, Dan, I was a QB killa," Sapp said. "All quarterbacks that (are) hot, all quarterbacks that, you know, got a little something going -- I want that hide on my wall.

"Ain't nowhere you can hide from me. You kidding me? I played against Barry Sanders, Brett Favre, (Tom) Brady, Steve Young, Troy Aikman -- none of 'em! What? Tebow's the one that gets away?"

Sapp then dissolved into maniacal laughter, and this is where we stopped listening.

Before the affair spiraled, Sapp went so far as to say Tebow's enjoying a better season under center than Panthers rookie Cam Newton, even if numbers don't tell that story.

"He's winning more games," Sapp said. "You win more games, you're in the playoff hunt, you got a chance at the division, you're having a better year."

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