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Santana Moss feeds into the RG3 hype machine

Can you remember an incoming rookie in recent NFL history who has inspired more excitement from teammates than Robert Griffin III with the Washington Redskins?

Last week alone, DeAngelo Hall breathlessly explained Griffin's developmental superiority to Michael Vick. That was followed by an Instagram from wide receiver Leonard Hankerson displaying a pair of gloves that had been shredded by the velocity of an RG3 spiral.

Considering the QBs he's worked with during his Redskins career, everyone would understand if Santana Moss spent the entirety of the offseason in a state of content delirium.

Moss seems to be keeping his excitement under wraps, but he's doing little to ramp down the hype machine.

"Pretty much whatever you've heard, you didn't hear wrong. He's exceptional," Moss said during an interview that will air on NFL Network's "NFL Total Access" on Tuesday. "I think his talent is already known, what he can do. Just to be here practicing with him, just going over the plays and just seeing how he can throw the ball, that was an eye-opener for a lot of us. He's going to get compared to a lot of folks, but I feel like he can only be himself."

Moss said the excitement in Washington is "crazy" now and will only build as Week 1 approaches. As for the legend of Hankerson's gloves, Moss couldn't rule it out.

"He's got a pretty good zip. I didn't see the gloves, so I can't co-sign on that, but I know he's got a pretty good zip on the ball," he said. "He's got a quick release, and that's something I didn't expect until I started going through practice with him. Once I saw a couple of throws, I was like, 'Yeah, he's that dude.' "

Moss, and the Redskins, have been waiting for "that dude" for a long time.

Be sure to catch the full interview when it airs on NFL Network's "Total Access" at 7 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

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