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Sanchez says he'll break nose every week for more Jets wins

If you've been at a sports bar during a Jets game in the past three years, the words "Mark Sanchez" and "pretty boy" typically go hand and hand.

These things happen when you do GQ photo shoots wearing white pants so tight that Miley Cyrus would deem them obscene.

Perhaps in a subtle attempt to change the reputation he helped foster, Sanchez is taking a very non-pretty boy stance when it comes to the broken nose he suffered against the Raiders on Sunday.

"If it's a cosmetic thing I don't really care," he told 1050-AM in New York. "I'll break my nose every game as long as we're going to win. I don't care about that."

You hear that, Sanchize haters? This man will suffer a broken nose every single week if that's what it takes to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to the Jets.

Done calling him a pretty boy now? No? We figured.

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