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Sanchez, Holmes relationship needs results to improve

Mark Sanchez said last month he knows "it can work" between he and Santonio Holmes.

That this statement was even made after two years together speaks to the serious issue Rex Ryan and the New York Jets had on their hands last season.

In Sanchez and Holmes' first season together, there appeared to be serious potential for the pairing. Sanchez didn't put up great numbers as an individual, but Holmes got his touches, won some games with his playmaking ability, and was generally targeted as Sanchez' go-to receiver in times of need.

This all changed in 2011. Ryan infamously left an automated message to all season-ticket holders saying the Jets were going to "air it out" in the upcoming season. But when the team went away from "ground and pound," they somehow managed to go away from Holmes as well. Dustin Keller became Sanchez's No. 1 target, as the tight end led the team in receptions, yards and touchdowns.

Hell hath no fury like a Santonio overlooked.

This week's workouts in Florida represent another positive sign the relationship between Sanchez and Holmes has improved since January. You may even want to take Holmes' trainer, Tom Shaw, at his word when he says the pair "are close."

But make no mistake: Holmes is a No. 1 receiver out of central casting. He has the talent to make big plays, but you better look his way early and often. Right or wrong, that's part of the deal.

To paraphrase a divatastic Jets prophet of season's past: Just give him the damn ball.

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