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Sanchez, Felix and Megatron are all trending after Week 4

So maybe the Bills and Lions won't both be 16-0 and locking up in Super Bowl XLVI. Thank you for nothing, Bengals. But Week 4 wasn't a total bust. Tony Romo looked awful. The Raiders lost. And Cam Newton continues to put up impressive numbers for a guy who has only played professionally for two seasons.

With that in mind, here are six trending topics that have people buzzing on Monday.

And without further ado …

6. #quarterbacksbetterthansanchez
Cowboys QB Tony Romo was skewered with an unflattering hashtag after a dismal opening-week performance. Yet Mark Sanchez continues to get away with years of mediocre play, going all the way back to that inexcusable loss to Oregon State during his junior year at USC. Jets fans, see your future -- it doesn't have the playoffs in it.

5. #quarterbacksbetterthanAaronRodgers
Oh wait, there are none. When people talk about the best quarterbacks in the game, the trio of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are the top of the pyramid. But there is no better quarterback than Aaron Rodgers right now, and he is now the apex.

4. #somedreamteam
What exactly was Ronnie Brown thinking when he tried to lateral the ball at the goal line. A fitting description of the season all in one play, perhaps? But here is the thing -- I am kind of bummed that I am not enjoying this collapse as much I figured that I would.

3. #whatadumbrule
Congratulations tuck rule, you have some competition for the dumbest rule in the NFL. But what a surprise, it went in the Giants' favor. Well, of course it would go in the Giants' favor. Credit to Eli Manning for at least realizing that the rule was ridiculous. But like the tuck rule, the losing team had only itself to blame for losing the game.

2. whatdownisitfelix?
As the Cowboys tried vainly to rally, Tony Romo hit Felix Jones on a short out and Jones raced to the sidelines to stop the clock, even though he was well short of the first-down marker. And it would have been a great plan, too -- if it wasn't fourth down. Whoops. Don't worry Felix, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman did not know what down it was either. These radio guys did.

1. #calvinjohnsonrules
Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said that Calvin Johnson would be the third-best receiver on the Cowboys. But give Ryan credit for putting his money where his mouth was when he only put single coverage on Johnson when the entire stadium knew that Matthew Stafford was going to him for the winning touchdown. What is the more impressive story in Detroit -- Stafford is healthy or the team is undefeated?

The #picksixrules will probably never be trending. Talk about it via Twitter or via Facebook. Be sure to catch the latest on the Dave Dameshek Football Program.

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