Saints fans warmly welcome Marcus Williams back

We love The Times-Picayune, New Orleans' paper of record and a publication unafraid to wear its hometown passion on its sleeve, er, front page.

Last week, we told you about the troll party the Picayune threw after the Saints eliminated their NFC South rival Panthers from the postseason. Those were more innocent times, obviously, a time before Marcus Williams Missed and everything was terrible. Like any good paper should, the Picayune served as the voice of its people on Monday morning:

Speaking of Marcus Williams, his missed tackle on Stefon Diggs might represent the low point in Saints history, but let's give it up for fans who met the Saints back at the airport at 1 a.m. local time. There was nary a pitchfork or goat horn to be seen.

That just restored my faith in humanity a little bit. Not bad for a Monday morning.

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