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Saints bounty penalties irk Ravens' Pollard

The bounty scandal swirling around the New Orleans Saints doesn't directly involve Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard, but he isn't shy about expressing his opinion on the matter -- or taking a shot at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

"From what I see, we're going to be running around with helmets and flags on, and I guess in about seven years," Pollard told KILT-AM in Houston this week, via "So like I said, it's getting out of hand. I don't know what (Goodell's) trying to prove, I don't know what the NFL office is trying to prove. Guys are getting hit all the time. We get hit. This is a freaking violent sport. We get hit."

When asked if he condones the idea of bounties in football, Pollard continued: "... I don't care if you do a bounty or not, because me -- the way I'm playing -- I'm going to hit you straight in the mouth. And if you have a concussion by me hitting you in the mouth ... you know what? I don't mean to. I'm not meaning to hurt you, but this is my game. It's my life or your life. It's my family or yours."

Pollard -- who remains a notorious character in New England for his 2008 hit that ended Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's season -- was especially critical of the one-year suspension that Goodell dropped on Saints coach Sean Payton. Pollard indicated the penalties handed down won't change a thing about the violent nature of the sport.

"This is a game, this is a violent game," Pollard said. "You can't take this away. You suspend a man for a whole year? You suspend a man for a whole year, and now you're looking for players to suspend? This is outrageous. You've got to be kidding me. He said he was going to take a dollar (during) the lockout, I guarantee you he didn't take a dollar that year. I guarantee you he got every bit of that (inaudible) mill."

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