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Ryans questions how Shockey focused on national anthem

We already knew Jeremy Shockey was patriotic. Dudes don't get prominent tattoos of sneering bald eagles draped in American flags without loving them some U.S. of A.

Shockey reiterated this stance Sunday, when he called out members of the Texans for not giving proper attention to the national anthem before the Panthers' 28-13 win at Reliant Stadium.

As you can imagine, the Texans were a bit dumbfounded regarding Shockey's comments -- particularly his attention to detail. Shockey said he noticed 10 Houston players not at attention.

"If he's so patriotic, why was he looking at our bench instead of the flag?" Texans linebacker DeMeco Ryans said Sunday, according to the Houston Chronicle. "Where did he come up with the number 10? Was he counting? Why was he paying attention to us during the national anthem?"

It was Ryans whom Shockey beat for a 9-yard touchdown during the third quarter, prompting an exuberant celebration by the 31-year-old tight end. Ryans found it ridiculous Shockey could come up with his theories from 50 yards away.

"Of course, our players are patriotic," Ryans said. "We respect the flag and America and our soldiers that are fighting for our freedom."

After his postgame rant, Shockey took to Twitter with a series of patriotic messages, including "GOD bless America" and "Stand tall and proud. It's our duty as citizens to pay tribute to the ones that gave us our freedom."

Seriously though, Shockey was all in on America on Sunday. Makes you wonder if he watched Bill Pullman's speech from "Independence Day" before kickoff.

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