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Ryan won't let Jets QB Sanchez live down flinch vs. Bills

You know all that talk about having to put skirts on NFL quarterbacks these days? Yeah, Mark Sanchez's flinch did nothing to stop it.

And Jets coach Rex Ryan won't let him live it down anytime soon.

"It'll be a bunch, there's no doubt," Ryan said when asked how many times the video of the quarterback will be shown in meetings. "There will be a bunch on Wednesday for sure."

Name That Play

Is it "10 for flinching"? Or, "The Flinchize"? How about "Scaredy Wildcat"? Vote for the most creative name for Mark Sanchez being faked out by a Bill. **Vote ...**

The play in question was quite funny. It happened Sunday during the Jets' 27-11 victory, when Sanchez lined up wide in the Wildcat formation and went face to face with Bills cornerback Drayton Florence. Unfortunately for Sanchez, Florence saw it as an opportunity to pull a prank of sorts, and he bluffed like he was ready to hit Sanchez.

To which Sanchez reacted ... well, let's just say his reaction was worthy of having his man card revoked.

"What was funny was before that play happened, I was sitting there, and I was like, 'Hey, Florence, don't go at him, don't go at him,' " Ryan said. "Because last year, he went at one of our quarterbacks, and he put him on his back. And I'm not saying who (Brunell). So I was just pleading with the guy, 'Just take it easy on him.' And he kind of bluffed him, and then got off. And then Sanchez attacked him, gets the holding call.

"I'm like, 'Sanchez, he took it easy on you, you don't have to go at him.' But I understand it was pretty funny. I never really even noticed it, but it was one of those things. He's a quarterback, and he's a GQ quarterback, so I don't know what to tell you."

Oh, the video speaks for itself.

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