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Ryan was in dark about Jets players' issues, Revis says

Of all the juicy revelations that spilled out of the Jets' camp after their lost 8-8 season came to an end, Rex Ryan's admission that he lost the pulse of the locker room might have been the most surprising of all.

It was a stunning admission for a coach who prides himself on having healthy and open relationships with his players. How could he have been in the dark on the dysfunction that raged all around him? How could no player come to Ryan before the wheels came off in those last three doomed weeks?

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Cornerback Darrelle Revis, the Jets' best player, talked about the disconnect Thursday in Hawaii.

"After the season, we talked, and basically, he didn't know a lot of things that were going on behind the scenes," Revis told NFL Network at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. "There was so much stuff, I'm really not going to get into because some of the stuff is real deep, but he didn't know a lot of the things. He wanted people to say things to him, but obviously it didn't come out."

Revis expressed support for beleaguered quarterback Mark Sanchez and said he was "cool" with Ryan's infamous guarantees, though he acknowledged "it didn't work when the team wasn't winning."

As for how the team can avoid similar discord in the future, Revis said it must begin with a talk when the Jets come together for OTAs.

"The leaders need to step up, talk to everybody in the building and say, 'Hey man, look, this is our goal this year, this is what we need to accomplish,' " he said. " 'Let's not get into the bickering or the frustration because it brings a team down.' "

Whether or not Revis considers himself one of those leaders is unknown.

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