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Ryan Tannehill earns millions in incentives after career year

Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill is not only enjoying the best season of his career, but he is also cashing in on several contract incentives that add millions to his paycheck.

The recently named Comeback and Most Improved Player by the Pro Football Writers of America, Tannehill's statistics earned him nearly $3.5 million in incentives, according to a source who has viewed his contract.

Add that to the fact he's helped his team reach today's AFC title game against the Chiefs, and it's been a pretty good year.

As part of the trade that took Tannehill from the Dolphins to the Titans, Miami paid $5 million to him in a signing bonus -- in turn netting them a better draft pick. Tennessee paid just $1.75 million in a base salary. In that deal were several contract incentives aimed at rewarding performance.

To be specific, Tannehill earned $3.425 million in just 10 starts. His stats of 201 completions in 286 attempts for 2,742 yards with 22 touchdowns and six interceptions -- completing 70.3 percent of his passes with a passer rating of 117.5 -- eclipsed everything he did in Miami.

It paid off.

Here is the breakdown of his incentives:

Roster bonus: $250,000 for being on the 46-man roster for 13 games.

Passer rating: $1 million for having a rating of better than 96.0.

Playing time: $1 million, thanks to $100,000 in each of the 10 games during the season that he participated in more than 50 percent of the plays.

Wins: $175,000 because each win netted him $25,000, with all of the seven wins featuring him participating in more than 50 percent.

Passing yards: $500,000 for more than 2,250 passing yards.

Touchdown passes: $500,000 for more than 20 touchdowns.

That equals $3.42 million for Tannehill. In all, the QB made $10.25 million this year -- $5 million from the Dolphins, $5.25 million from Tennessee. Tannehill told reporters that he doesn't feel like he's changed much from his Miami days.

"Statistically, obviously, it's better," he said.

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