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Ryan Seacrest reveals deep affection for Jeff Fisher

And now, apropos of nothing, the last five tweets from Ryan Seacrest, former American Idol host and Dick Clark-like figure to the millennial set.

This is my first time on Ryan Seacrest's Twitter feed, but this seems like a very Ryan Seacrest tweet. This guy owns New Year's Eve like Tom Brady owns the AFC East. To extend this analogy, the Jets are Pitbull. Moving on.

OK, things continuing to check out here. Celebrities love to post nebulous quotes on Twitter. It gives them motivation before private workouts with their trainer at Equinox. Let's keep going.

OK, there you go. I've learned something new. Ryan Seacrest has embraced the new hometown team in Los Angeles. Confession: I was always more of a Brian Dunkleman guy, but if Seacrest reads my Hard Knocks episode recaps and gives them a pop to his 15 million Twitter followers -- the majority of which I'll blindly presume are hardcore footballheads -- I'll step off that Dunkleman corner in a second. Excited about what's next now.

Um. Well. Huh. (pause) OK. I suppose that would be fine if Fisher consented to this unusual touching scenario. Let's go on.

OK, we're back into traditional 'CREST territory here, so let's double back to the previous tweet.

One thought: This has been a down season for Hard Knocks, which is still searching for its memorable moment. And you know what would qualify as memorable? A dazed Ryan Seacrest walking onto the field in the middle of Rams practice next week to hug Jeff Fisher and nuzzle his forehead in the exposed chest hair framed by the coach's breakaway reading glasses.

We're done here.

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