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Ryan's message to Jets: 'Sweep 2011 under the rug'

Darrelle Revis said Rex Ryan had an interesting message for his New York Jets players in his first meeting with the team this spring.

"Sweep 2011 under the rug," Ryan said, according to Revis (via the New York Daily News). "There was nothing to sugarcoat."

An interesting choice of words by the coach, but perhaps the perfect way to put it. With so many of the same faces still with the team, it's not realistic to scrub all the residual dirt in that locker room. Instead, the Jets will bury their issues and pray to the football gods they don't come back up.

"There was something going on (last season) and everybody knew it," Revis said, now giving his own thoughts. "I think that was the result of us having the season that we had. Previous seasons we stuck together no matter what the outcome was. There's nothing wrong with that. We can put it back together as a team."

What remains to be seen is if Revis will sweep his own dirt under the rug. Any Gang Green kumbayah action will be hard to pull off if their best player is M.I.A.

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