Ryan Leaf won't have probation revoked in Texas, attorney says

Ryan Leaf will not be extradited to Texas or face the revocation of a probationary sentence given to him in that state in 2010, his attorney said Tuesday.

Kenneth Olson told ESPN The Magazine that "the warrants in Texas have been withdrawn and Ryan should be able to be transferred to the next treatment program, in Lewistown, Montana in the near future."

In June, Leaf pleaded guilty to breaking into a Montana house and illegally possessing painkillers. A judge in Great Falls ordered that he undergo addiction treatment as part of his sentence.

In 2010, Leaf was given a 10-year probationary sentence in Texas for theft of prescription pain medication. James Farren, a prosecutor in Randall County, Texas, said after Leaf's sentencing in Montana that he wanted to extradite Leaf and have the probation revoked.

Leaf has had a rocky time since failing to live up to his promise as a first-round draft pick in 1998. He told the judge in June that jail had been "a sanctuary" for him since his arrest in April.

"I have enjoyed my time in there more than my previous 15 years," Leaf said at the time.

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