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Ryan Leaf considered a fugitive from justice in Texas

And now for Thursday's dose of sad irony.

Ryan Leaf -- the No. 2 overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft -- has two warrants out for his arrest and has been declared a fugitive from justice by the state of Texas, according to The Associated Press.

The Texas prosecutor who brokered a 10-year probationary sentence for Leaf two years ago on drug and burglary charges filed a motion to revoke Leaf's probation earlier this month. The warrants were issued Monday with the total bond now set at $126,000.

Leaf's situation is made more complicated because he has ongoing legal matters in two different states. He was arrested on March 30 and again on April 2 in Montana for breaking into homes to steal oxycodone. Leaf is jailed without bond on a 30-day hold to allow prosecutors in Montana and Texas to sort through the separate cases. 

It's been a sudden descent back into the darkness for Leaf, who hit the media circuit at the Super Bowl in February peddling a book and presenting himself as a man in recovery. Fourteen years after he and Peyton Manning were considered the princes of the NFL, Leaf has shown that being a draft bust was just the beginning of his problems.

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