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Ryan insists he's not trying to start Jets-Giants war of words

When the NFL released its schedule earlier this year, it's safe to say Rex Ryan's eyes lit up when he saw the Giants listed as the Jets' Christmas Eve opponent.

The league had set the stage for a big week for the coach, who hasn't disappointed.

Ryan made waves Monday by saying he believed the Jets were a better team than the Giants, comments that rubbed at least one member of Tom Coughlin's team the wrong way.

Ryan didn't back down Tuesday, but he made it clear he's not looking to start a war of words along Route 3.

"I recognize the rich tradition of Giant football. ... I'm not trying to take a run at the Giants or a shot at the Giants," Ryan said during his Tuesday media session. "I want to be the best team in the National Football League. The fact that we share the same stadium, the same state, both New York teams, hey, I don't want to be the one that's not looked at as the best team in my own state.

"Do I have the courage to say it? Absolutely."

Ryan said Plaxico Burress approached him this week and asked if he'd like to talk to him about the Giants, the wide receiver's former team. Ryan then let the cat out of bag on what he called the "ice cream social," a weekly Thursday meeting where Ryan talks football with Burress, wide receiver Santonio Holmes, quarterback Mark Sanchez and Dustin Keller.

"I don't spend a whole lot of time on offense, as much as I like to," Ryan said, "so it's an opportunity for me to meet with some of the offensive guys."

And yes, ice cream actually is ingested at these meetings. With Ryan involved, that can't be considered a surprise.

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