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Ryan forced to eat humble pie after 'Boys routed by Eagles

Rob Ryan, who's done enough talking in half a season in Dallas to make up for all of the silent defensive coordinators throughout NFL history, was forced to eat his words Sunday night.

The Eagles dominated Ryan's defense, pummeling the Cowboys through the air and on the ground in a 34-7 rout.

The performance didn't mesh with Ryan's preseason taunts of the Eagles being the "all-hype team."

"It's not the first time I've said something and gotten my butt kicked," Ryan told The Dallas Morning News. "I got out-coached, out-everything. It's all on me."

It's all on me? Not only is Ryan more visible than the average head coach, he talks like one, too.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said after the game that Ryan's comments were a "non-issue", but he did concede they lingered in the Philly locker room.

If you're wondering whether or not Ryan's constant chatter is getting under anyone's skin in Dallas, that doesn't appear to be the case. Head coach Jason Garrett "danced around the issue" Sunday night, according to the report, while owner Jerry Jones downplayed the situation.

"I don't have that issue," Jones said of concerns that Ryan's words motivate the opposition. "I just wish comments could make a difference somewhere. They don't, anywhere."

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