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Ryan Clark: You want to see Terrell Suggs out there

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens always produce great drama, but the hotly contested Achilles' tendon injury suffered by Terrell Suggs might remove one of the rivalry's biggest figures in 2012.

Taking the reigning Defensive Player of the Year out of the mix figures to put the Steelers in much better position to win the AFC North, but veteran safety Ryan Clark doesn't look at it that way.

"I don't know if it'll be an easier road; I mean, that's an amazing team," he said in an interview with "NFL Total Access" that will air Wednesday. "Obviously they get (linebacker Courtney) Upshaw in the draft, who I think is a guy that can come in and play immediately. He won't be T-Sizzle; he won't be MVP in his rookie year, but I think he will do well."

And while you'd think the Steelers would be thrilled not to have to worry about Suggs threatening to single-handedly blow up their gameplan, Clark says it's not like that. The Steelers want to beat the Ravens at full-strength.

"But you'd like to see T-Sizzle out there, you know?" he said. "I want to beat them with all of their guys. You want to beat them with their best players. You know, I want to see him do that crazy dance that nobody knows what it is but it looks good when he does it.

"We haven't blocked him yet. I've been here seven years and we still haven't blocked him. But we sure beat them a lot of times."

Suggs is aggressively targeting late-November as his timetable for return. Think it's a coincidence the second and potential final 2012 meeting between the teams is Dec. 2 in Baltimore?

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