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Ryan Clark: LaMarr Woodley ripper likely on Steelers D

If Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark had his way, our world would be free of anonymous players taking verbal swipes at unsuspecting teammates -- but that's not the world we live in.

Clark spent a big chunk of Monday doing the rounds at NFL Network, where the recent comments about LaMarr Woodley's 2012 season -- "He was awful," the anonymous Steelers player said -- took center stage.

Clark isn't sure where the quotes came from, but he took a stab at the source during a playful chat with the "Dave Dameshek Football Program."

"I would say it had to be defense, that's what I would think," Clark told Dameshek. "I think it's someone that plays defense. I would say they felt personally let down by it, 'I wish he was out there with us' type of situation."

Dameshek mirthfully pointed the finger at Clark.

"If it was you, that's a cagey way of getting out of it," Dameshek said.

"It wasn't me," Clark joked. "If it was me, the concussions have made me forget about it."

Clark had plenty more to say about the phantom Steeler and the state of this franchise on the heels of an 8-8 season, so check it out at Shek's blog or on iTunes -- and you can follow Dave on Twitter from now until the bitter end at @Dameshek.

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