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Russell Wilson to lead Seattle Seahawks' workouts

Russell Wilson was so impressive as a rookie quarterback because he didn't resemble a rookie quarterback in so many ways. He avoided mistakes and played best in the biggest moments. The game didn't seem too fast for him.

Heading into his second season, it's not a surprise that Wilson is starting to take on other traditional roles of a veteran quarterback. He's bringing his Seattle Seahawks teammates to Southern California before the offseason training program starts.

"Russ has kind of taken this whole thing into his own hands," tight end Sean McGrath told the Seahawks' official website. "He's taking us all to L.A. So it's going to be a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better and kind of be on the same page as far as just a feel.

"This is so typical of Russ. We're grown accustomed to him doing things like this, just because that's the type of person he is. It will be a great team-building opportunity."

Wilson said he just wanted his teammates to get together to "get our minds ready and our bodies ready for a great season."

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Working out in the offseason together doesn't equate directly to success. (Remember "Jets West" starring Mark Sanchez?) But Seahawks fans have to be excited about the attitude from the front office down to Wilson about the team's offensive success last season.

Winning a playoff game was nice. But the Seahawks seem fully aware that they need to be better in 2013, and they are taking the steps in order to do so.

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