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Russell Wilson on baseball return: 'Never say never'

Russell Wilson continued his spring training dalliance with the Texas Rangers on Monday, putting on the uniform, fielding grounders and basically looking exactly the part of a Major League Baseball player.

Seriously, Wilson could easily portray a second baseman in a middling Kevin Costner dramedy about baseball and the love of a good woman. This perhaps makes sense given Wilson's everyman stature and legit experience as a minor league prospect with the Colorado Rockies.

But Wilson would never seriously consider returning to professional baseball, would he? The Seattle Seahawks quarterback gave a somewhat surprising answer when asked that question Monday.

"You never say never," Wilson said. "I've always had the dream of playing two sports. If it somehow was a miracle that it could work out, I would consider it. I wouldn't say never, but at the same time, obviously my focus is on winning a championship for the Seattle Seahawks and playing for a long time."

Rangers manager Ron Washington (who's the best) believes Wilson could be just as good a baseball player as he is a football player. Then there's Deion Sanders, who has encouraged Wilson to pursue both sports, just as Prime did all those years ago.

Of course, shutdown cornerback and franchise quarterback come with very different responsibilities. Wilson said it'd take a miracle to play baseball -- that sounds about right.

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