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Russell Wilson contract issues focus on guaranteed money

The Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson inch toward the deadline to do a contract extension, and the two sides have plenty of ground to make up. It's not clear at this point if they'll be able to do it.

Earlier on Saturday, a report from Pro Football Talk pegged an offer by the Seahawks at $21 million per year. While that number is essentially accurate, going inside the numbers compared to other quarterback deals tell more of the story.

For instance, the Panthers gave Cam Newton $30 million cash up front in his new extension. By contrast, sources familiar with the situation say Wilson would make (under the latest offer) below $20 million cash up front. Those in Seattle say there are significant guarantees, but most of the guarantees are simply for injury only.

Negotiations are ongoing, Wilson hasn't turned anything down outright, and nothing has been taken off the table.

But at this point, it's an issue of cash up front and guarantees, in addition to the debate over a yearly salary.

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