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Roster Reset: Division-by-division breakdown

As the dust begins to settle from free agency, Around The League takes a look at how teams from each division have improved.

There are still wars to be won by front offices this offseason, but the free agency battle is done. As we wrap up the Roster Reset series, the ATL team picks the biggest winners and losers. Read

Free agency gave teams a golden opportunity to fix roster weak spots. Around The League looks at the squads that still have holes to fill, including the Panthers, in need of receivers for Cam Newton. Read

Free agency did not change the NFC North dynamic dramatically. After five straight playoff appearances and three straight division titles, Green Bay still stands apart in talent from their rivals. Read

The Ravens added Steve Smith, but will Ray Rice's off-field issues be a distraction? With no clear AFC North favorite, the offseason presents a shot for one team to emerge. Read

The New York Giants reloaded in the secondary by adding Walter Thurmond and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Do they have the NFC East's most improved roster, or will the Eagles still reign supreme? Read

The New England Patriots remain the kings of the AFC East. After landing Darrelle Revis in free agency, it's hard to see the Jets, Dolphins or Bills knocking Bill Belichick's team off its perch. Read

Where didn't the Tampa Bay Buccaneers add talent? The team went big this offseason, releasing Darrelle Revis and signing 17 new players. But the most important change might have been the one made on the sideline. Read

The Jacksonville Jaguars made plenty of moves in the offseason, but will they be enough to overthrow the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC South? The Jaguars are revamping their roster, while the Colts are sticking with Trent Richardson. Read

[NFC West: Rise of the Cardinals


The Arizona Cardinals made strides in free agency, but will the moves affect the standings in the NFC West -- a tough division that includes Seattle and San Francisco. Read

How much closer have the Raiders gotten to the Broncos in the AFC West? With the offseason in full swing, see if Oakland has done enough to catch up to the champions of the AFC. Read

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