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Ron Rivera wants consistency in pass interference calls

Ron Rivera is like you, Mr. & Ms. NFL Fan. The Carolina Panthers' coach is frustrated by the inconsistency with which pass interference is called.

"I think if there was one that a lot of coaches talk about that has a lot of concern throughout the league is the consistency with what pass interference is," Rivera told "The Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday, per ProFootballTalk. "I think on both sides on offense and defense, I think that is the hard one. That is the one that we need to make sure we can get fixed because too many people talk about it, every week somebody has something to say about it, good or bad."

Unlike you, Rivera sits on the Coaches Subcommittee of the Competition Committee, so he might actually be able to suggest a change to the rules committee, which will meet every offseason.

Rivera suggested the NFL should consider utilizing instant replay, at least on certain pass interference calls. The current call is non-reviewable because it is deemed a judgment made by an official. However, in Rivera's view it might be too big of a judgment call to leave to one ref alone.

"On one side of it, it's such a huge play, it can impact a game," Rivera said. "I mean, a guy can throw the ball from the 50-yard line into the end zone and now it's a judgment call, now that ball goes from being on the 50 to being on the 1-yard line. That to me is a huge impact. ...

"Maybe you need to look at it any time the ball is thrown into the end zone, because I mean a 49-yard swing, so I think there are some things that really have to be considered," he continued.

Even in the offseason, Ron is rocking the riverboat.

It's difficult to see the NFL making such a drastic change that would take power out of the on-field referee's hands. However, given the technology available, it would be beneficial for everyone involved -- including the refs themselves -- to make sure the correct call is made.

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