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Romo can change perceptions if Cowboys can finish strong

No matter the outcome of this topsy-turvy season, Tony Romo will still be the quarterback for the Cowboys next September.

Despite some notable gaffes, Romo has not been the problem in Big D this season. He's actually putting up numbers (29 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, 102.6 passer rating) that would garner MVP buzz if not for the super-human offerings by Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees this season.

But despite the fine production, Romo's legacy with the Cowboys remains as shaky as ever. If Dallas kicks away the division these next two weekends, Romo will be gripped ever tighter by the notion he's not a winner.

"I just think anytime you're in this position, where you have a chance to make the playoffs, it's important to get it done," Romo said Thursday, according to The Associated Press. "It's hard to get here. It's also fun to be in this position and have a chance. I think that's exciting for our football team, that's why guys are playing with a lot of passion and are energized to be here every day. That's a great feeling."

Romo has been locked in this month, throwing for eight touchdowns and no interceptions in four games. Unfortunately, that hasn't translated to wins. The Cowboys are 1-3 in that stretch, an odd stat in a very odd season.

Despite the team struggles, it all remains in front of Romo. If the Cowboys beat the Eagles at home and follow with a win at the Meadowlands against the Giants on New Year's Day, they are NFC East champions. If they get some help from the Jets (who play the Giants on Saturday), Dallas could lock up the division this weekend.

"You need to go out and obviously finish it, and then start the whole new season once the playoffs begin," he said. "So our objective is just keep getting better, put our heads down and go win a football game this week."

It's a vanilla answer, but it doesn't really matter what Romo says at this point. As former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells was known to say: "Don't tell me about the pain, show me the baby." Cowboys fans want results, and -- fairly or not -- success or failure will be attributed directly to Romo.

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