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Rolle calls out Giants teammates for not practicing after loss

Antrel Rolle said the Giants had a 99 percent chance of beating the Redskins on Sunday. He was 99 percent incorrect.

After the hugely damaging 23-10 loss at MetLife Stadium, Rolle was left searching for answers to how the Giants again came up flat in a big spot.

"Do I know we're a great team? Yeah. Are we playing like a great team? No," Rolle said, according to the New York Daily News. "But it's all about actions. It's not about words. Honestly, right now, my words mean absolutely nothing. Sometimes we go out there and we play like we're coming to play football. Sometimes we go out there and just take the field. It's not good enough."

Rolle then stirred the pot, targeting teammates who sat out practice this week.

"If you're going to go out here and play the game on Sunday, you need to be out there with your men throughout the week," Rolle said. "I've been nicked up all year long. A lot of other people have been nicked up all year long. We go out there and we're fighting. I don't know. I ain't the coach, man. I'm not trying to be the coach, and I'm not trying to say what he should do or shouldn't do. But I feel as teammates we need to hold each other more accountable."

One of those players who missed practice this week was defensive end Justin Tuck. As you can imagine, he wasn't pleased with Rolle's commentary.

"I always say that it's easy to be tough when you're doing it with somebody else's body," Tuck sniped.

Just a devastating defeat for the Giants, who kicked away first place in the NFC East and also gained some honest-to-goodness locker-room dissension, thanks to Rolle. Feel free to begin The Tom Coughlin Watch in earnest.

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