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Rolle believes Giants will fully recover from damaging slump

If we've learned anything about jock speak, we know the "It's Us Against The World!" mentality is the last line of defense for a team on the brink.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Antrel Rolle is leaning on this well-worn battle cry as the skidding Giantsprepare for their date with the undefeated Packers on Sunday.

"Let me tell you something, man -- we're going to fight," the safety told WFAN-AM in New York on Tuesday. "I don't care how we fight, I don't care what corner we're going to back ourselves up to, and you know what? Everyone might be off the Giants bandwagon, which is fine, which is fine. We've only had us anyways and only need us to get to where we need to get to. If the fans want to be there, then be there."

Not too long ago, the Giants were 6-2 and coming off an expectations-boosting road victory over the Patriots. Three consecutive losses have followed, including an ugly 49-24 pasting by the Saints on Monday night.

The Giants' defense was dominated for four quarters, giving up over 500 yards of offense to Drew Brees and Co. Rolle said he thought his team was prepared for the game, even if the final score suggested a different story.

"I think we were put in the best position possible to make plays and handle what was going to be thrown at us, and a lot of the things that they did we studied for, but there were also a lot of things they did that we had never seen," he said. "So I think it became a little bit of a chess match (on Monday), but at the same time, I don't think we helped ourselves -- speaking on the defense, I mean; I don't speak on the offense -- as a defense, I don't think we played a good football game at all."

The Giants under Tom Coughlin have made a habit of rising from the dead, so don't be surprised if they put up a serious challenge Sunday. Given their history and the Cowboys' propensity to self-detonate, it'd be unwise to call the NFC East just yet.

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