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Roger Goodell says public will see proof of bounties

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell indicated Tuesday at the Spring League Meeting that the NFL plans to release proof to the public that bounties were paid by New Orleans Saints players.

"Yes, I do," Goodell said when he was asked if he expected the proof to be revealed. Eventually.

Goodell pointed out that the league released facts in March and is going through the appeals process with the NFL Players Association. He indicated that the league won't release any more information publicly until the appeals and grievance processes are finished. Goodell also said that the NFLPA "expressly told the players not to cooperate in the bounty investigation.

"I invited them in and they decided not to do that," Goodell said.

The appeals and grievance process will take more time. In the meantime, Goodell knows he will continue to be a target for criticism from players.

"You don't worry about a popularity contest. You can't. You can't make everyone happy on this," Goodell said.

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