Roger Goodell: NFL won't be selling ads on uniforms

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday that the NFL has no plans to follow the National Basketball Association's lead and allow advertisements on its uniforms, the Detroit Free-Press reported.

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"It's not something that's actively being considered in the NFL," Goodell said while visiting Detroit Lions training camp. "We like the look that we have on the field. We have a very limited number of partners on our field in general, much less on the uniform, and we think that's right for the NFL."

Last month, the NBA announced that it likely will let teams sell ads in the form of a small patch on player jerseys. NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver said "there is potentially a big opportunity in the marketplace" for it.

"It's fair to say that our teams were excited about the opportunity" said Silver. "I think it's likely that we'll do something. Our view is we think, on an aggregate basis, league-wide, our 30 teams could generate in total $100 million by selling [a] patch on jerseys, per season."

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