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Roger Goodell: NFL wants Dolphins to stay in Miami

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, like Miami Dolphinsownership, was disappointed that voters in Miami were not able to vote on a proposal concerning renovations to Sun Life Stadium.

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In a wide-ranging sit-down interview with's Steve Wyche on Thursday, Goodell dampened recent talk that relocation could be an option for the Dolphins.

"We do want to see the Dolphins stay in Miami," Goodell said. "We want to see them stay in a facility that will allow them to compete, and to bring in other big events, including Super Bowls. And that takes work, it takes investment, and Steve Ross was doing the investing and was really the guy who was putting his heart and soul into this and his passion into this. And that's what's frustrating is that it didn't get a chance to get to the voters."

Goodell said the proposal that the Dolphins and local officials worked on was "very intelligent and very thoughtful."

"I think the voters deserved the opportunity to evaluate the proposal. And make the kinds of changes that Steve Ross and the county and city officials had proposed," Goodell said. "We think that would be good for the community. We think it would be good for the stadium, we think it would be good for the team. ...

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"I went down to Tallahassee myself before the legislative session ended," Goodell told Wyche. "Of course we will stay involved, we will do whatever is necessary because we do think it's right for all of Florida. We think it's particularly good for the Miami-Dade area. It will help attract bigger events, and that will have a real economic impact on the community.

NFL owners will vote on the hosts for Super Bowl L and Super Bowl LI at the NFL Spring Meeting on May 21. The lack of stadium improvements in Miami is expected to deal a crippling blow to the city's bid.

Goodell's full interview with Wyche can be viewed here.

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