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Roger Goodell: NFL preseason schedule could be cut

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell still is talking about shortening the preseason.

The public push for an 18-game regular season has died down, but that doesn't mean the current four-game preseason necessarily is safe. Goodell mentioned during his Thursday talk at Harvard University that he might cut down the number of preseason games.

"It just does not meet the standard of quality that the NFL is all about," Goodell said, via The Associated Press.

This is the second time Goodell has publicly talked about cutting the preseason in the last month. (He also mentioned it during an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio.) The most recent collective bargaining agreement gave the NFL the ability to reduce preseason games from four to two.

The NFL Players Association might not love that idea, but it sure sounds like Goodell is setting the groundwork to make it a real issue sooner than later.

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