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Roger Goodell: NFL challenge rule could change soon

It remains possible the infamous challenge rule that burned Jim Schwartz and the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving will be changed during the 2012 season.

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Appearing at a Lions event Tuesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he doesn't expect a change in the rule during the regular season, but said "we may evaluate it as it relates to the postseason," according to the Detroit Free Press.'s Ian Rapoport said Tuesday on "NFL Total Access" that a change prior to the postseason could be approved since the playing field will be leveled at that time, providing a natural starting point.

Following a Houston Texans touchdown in which running back Justin Forsett was clearly down by contact, Schwartz made the mistake of throwing his challenge flag. All scoring plays automatically are subject to review, and any team challenging a play in that instance is subject to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Under the current rule, "the Replay Official cannot initiate a review of any ruling against a team that commits a foul that delays the next snap."

The Lions got burned by a flawed rule that the NFL appears intent on changing -- possibly as soon as January.

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