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Roger Goodell indicates Pro Bowl's future still in doubt

NEW YORK -- The Pro Bowl is on for this season, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell indicated Monday that the game's future remains very much in doubt.

Speaking on Sirius XM's "Town Hall with Roger Goodell" on Monday in New York, Goodell indicated he was "leaning" toward eliminating the game before players stepped in last offseason. That isn't a huge shock considering the tenor of Goodell's words after last season's game. He repeatedly said the game wasn't up to NFL standards.

Goodell indicated the game needs to improve or it still could get the axe.

"The players asked if they could take another crack at it to try to work to get the game more competitive," Goodell said. "Obviously, I support that. But if we can't accomplish that kind of standard, I'm inclined not to play it any more."

It remains unclear exactly what steps the players and the NFL will take to try to improve the game in 2013. If the game continues at the lackluster level for another year, it sure sounds like Goodell won't hesitate to kill it altogether.

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