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Roddy White to San Francisco 49ers' D: Don't miss me

One of the lasting images from last year's playoffs was New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas getting knocked out by San Francisco 49ers safety Donte Whitner in the divisional round. That was just one of several big hits from the 49ers during their win over the Saints.

"Those guys do come downhill and they try to knock you out, and anytime you do that, if you miss, there's going to be consequences," White told USA Today this week. "It's going to lead to explosive gains on offense. We're looking forward to that.

"We've got big strong guys who are used to contact after catching and used to getting after people. As long as we can catch the ball and get our pads turned downfield, we'll break tackles."

The Falcons hope to use the 49ers aggressiveness against them during Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

"We have extremely talented wide receivers and tight ends, guys who can go up and win one-on-one matchups," quarterback Matt Ryan said. "Regardless of who we're going against, we feel like we have to take those chances.

"Our guys have done a great job all year, when I've given them a shot, they've gone up and made a lot of plays for us."

If that's the plan, the Falcons better be ready to capitalize when an opportunity presents itself because the 49ers and their second-ranked defense don't allow many. White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalezhave to win their individual matchups for the Falcons to have a chance.

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