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Robert Kraft: 2,500 Aaron Hernandez jerseys taken

The New England Patriots' effort to erase the memory of Aaron Hernandez turned out big this weekend during the team's popular jersey exchange.

After addressing reporters for the first time Monday, Patriots owner Robert Kraft estimated the final count in the exchange was about 2,500 Hernandez jerseys, according to ESPN.

Fans exchanged their Hernandez jerseys for a similar-styled one free of charge, choosing between players such as Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Vince Wilfork.

Kraft said the exchange cost the team around $250,000. He said the turned-in Hernandez jerseys would be "ground up and recycled."

According to reports, Wilfork was the most popular jersey during the exchange.

Of course it was. Most God-fearing Patriots fans already have a Brady jersey.

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