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Robert Griffin III still learning reads at Redskins camp

It took just over three months, but we've found the first item in the Washington press containing something vaguely critical about Robert Griffin III.

OK, calling it critical might even be a stretch. It's just honest football analysis, which can be lost in all the excitement over RG3's incredible talents and personality.

Darlington: RG3 ready to work

Robert Griffin III is eager to put the offseason behind him and make good on his promise with the Redskins, Jeff Darlington writes. **More ...**

Rich Campbell of the Washington Times notes that Griffin has "taken more than a few sacks" in training camp because he takes too long holding onto the ball. This is a common occurrence for rookies who still are learning to read NFL defenses, much less rookies in their first week of training camp.

"That's why you practice -- to make sure it becomes easier and easier," coach Mike Shanahan said. "That's why you have repetition. That's why they say, 'Hey, the third year is a lot better than the first year,' because the whole game slows down. And so every quarterback needs that repetition.

"There are some growing pains that are natural at the position, but he's doing a heck of a job. He has come in and, like I said, we had the offseason and a lot of time to meet, and he has picked things up very quickly."

It's something to watch for during this preseason. For all of Griffin's gifts, there are going to be aspects to his NFL development that take time.

Then again, the preseason might not tell us much. Cam Newton struggled last August before setting the NFL on fire during the regular season.

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