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Robert Griffin III's jersey, shoes headed to Hall of Fame

A Pro Football Hall of Fame representative joined Robert Griffin III during his Wednesday news conference, aired on ESPN, to make an announcement to the media.

The representative held RG3's jersey and shoes from Monday night's game in a plastic bag and said they'd be put on display in Canton. Griffin broke Cam Newton's NFL rushing record for a rookie quarterback against the New York Giants that night. He now has 714 yards with four games left. One thousand yards is within reach.

Griffin, the Washington Redskins' rookie quarterback and the toast of D.C., was appreciative of the Hall of Fame, gracious about the record and threw a touch of selflessness in his remarks.

"Any positive record that you break holds meaning to you," Griffin said. "I think I was more happy when Alfred (Morris) broke the 1,000-yard rushing mark."

The Hall of Fame collects watershed items all the time, so it's no surprise it took Griffin's gear. The presenter himself was the oddity. He wore a black suit with a red shirt and tie and white gloves. Griffin's items already were secured in a plastic bag. He seemed ready to ask RG3 to turn his head and cough.

"Everyone wants to be in the Hall of Fame, so we're in there," Griffin said, via The Associated Press. "But I've got a long career, preferably, and this is only the first step. It's an honor to have my jersey and cleats, although they're very dirty, in the Hall of Fame."

Newton's record didn't last an entire year. Can Griffin post a number that will last longer? Probably, considering both Griffin and Newton were better prospects than anyone in the 2013 class.

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