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Robert Griffin III's jersey breaking new ground

Early footage of Robert Griffin III working out with the Washington Redskins depicts the rookie quarterback wearing "GRIFFIN III" emblazoned on the back of his practice jersey.

Not a big deal, right? Wrong. It's unprecedented.

As pointed out by, this will mark the NFL's first instance of "RNOB." (In other words, "Roman numeral on back").

Even more surprising, ESPN reports this is the first time in history that roman numerals have decorated a player's jersey in the NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL.

For Washington's young starter -- a man with many monikers -- we'd also love to see "RG3" make its way onto the scene (maybe for an alternate jersey?). ESPN cleverly categorizes this as a NickNOB ("nickname on back"). (Right about now, He Hate Me's ears are burning.)

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