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Robert Griffin III: Osi doesn't have to call me RG3

As fun as it might be to imagine 82,000 Giants fans chanting "Bahhhhhhh-obbbbbbbbbbbbbb" at the Meadowlands in October, don't count on it getting under Robert Griffin III's skin.

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Michael Vick's style of play at the quarterback position has inspired guys like Robert Griffin III, Gregg Rosenthal writes. **More ...**

Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora worked his way into the 24-hour news cycle Wednesday when he said he would call the Washington Redskins' rookie quarterback "Bob" -- not RG3 -- until he did something in the NFL.

"One of my coaches at Baylor called me Bob," Griffin said Wednesday, via's Don Banks. "Nobody really calls me Bob. ... (Osi) doesn't have to call me RG3 at all."

We're going to keep close tabs on Griffin's press conferences this season. The man has a knack for saying ... interesting things.

Our two favorites from Wednesday:

"You're only unproven if you think you're unproven. I'm not proven. But I don't think I'm unproven either."

And ...

"There's really no true face of a franchise, because if we all just had faces, we'd all be dead."

That's an evolutionary Yogism right there. Wow.

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